First time trying the duck heart!!!!!!!!


Last week, I went to a restaurant called Bar Buka on Portland and King with my friend.

One of the appetizer was a dish called Cuore d’anatra which is a dish of deep-fried duck heart with n’duja and sprinkled rosemary ash on top. The sauce on the bottom is spicy but a bit sour.

The duck heart itself was full of umame as one bite of it gave me mouthful. Rosemary ash had bitter taste however the ash gave so much aroma.

Since the dish was deep-fried, it was crunchy and scent of rosemary filled at our table.

The sauce came out with this dish, which was roasted red pepper paste with n’duja (I asked the server), it tasted like the spicy mayonnaise which sushi bars has on some of their dishes to me.

I really enjoyed this dish however I would not eat again because for that 5 pieces of fried duck heart, it costed me 7 dollars. Yes, the decoration was awesome like volcano, yes the harmony of spicy sauce and cushion-like meat of duck heart were mouthful but, if I paid 7 dollars for a dish, I would like some more.

This experience at the restaurant, not only the dish, was a memorable to me because I have never had the ingredient before. The rosemary ash had a kick of aroma and surprised me. In my opinion, because of this experience, I would be tasting the food more seriously, thinking what ingredient goes with what.


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