To the Wychwood Barns


Last Saturday, I went to the Wychwood Barn’s Farmer’s Market located on Christie and Benson.

I’ve always went to either St.Lawrence market or Kensington Market if I wanted to go to a local market however I found Wychwood from online and it was really interesting trip as I enjoyed and came home with way more food than I expected.



There were a lot of people and from what I have seen, the Bizjak farms had number of customers lining up for fresh vegetables on the table. I had to try few times to have a chance to talk about their “story” and how they are operating the farm.
I could not hear well because of all the noises, but from what I have wrote on my phone about the “story”, Bizjak Farm is one of the first and the original store that came to Wychwood for at least 20 years. They are family owned business and came to Canada from Europe 40 years ago. The Bizjak family bought home nearby Niagara and they started the farm business with the fruits such as peaches, apples and pears.

Bizjak Farm’s goal is to provide high quality and sustainable local produce to customers like us. They are not fully organic farm however, kind and friendly guy named Jeff, explained to me about their low-spray philosophy; which essentially means that their farming practices focus on soil integrity, using reduced amount of fertilizers and sprays only when absolutely necessary, and even then, using as little and as natural as possible.

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From this experience, I learned that even in winter, there are lots of farmers and food producer who works hard to provide us healthy yet delicious items. As I was raised in Korea, I have always thought the winter vegetables are either full of pesticides and gross chemicals or tiny vegetables which could not grow fully due to the weather. However, from this trip, I learned that hard working and never giving up pays off a beautiful outcome.

Their delicious and fresh product comes from Niagara region to Wychwood every Saturday so you, the reader of this blog should try out some time.

Thank you for reading this post!



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