First time trying the duck heart!!!!!!!!


Last week, I went to a restaurant called Bar Buka on Portland and King with my friend.

One of the appetizer was a dish called Cuore d’anatra which is a dish of deep-fried duck heart with n’duja and sprinkled rosemary ash on top. The sauce on the bottom is spicy but a bit sour.

The duck heart itself was full of umame as one bite of it gave me mouthful. Rosemary ash had bitter taste however the ash gave so much aroma.

Since the dish was deep-fried, it was crunchy and scent of rosemary filled at our table.

The sauce came out with this dish, which was roasted red pepper paste with n’duja (I asked the server), it tasted like the spicy mayonnaise which sushi bars has on some of their dishes to me.

I really enjoyed this dish however I would not eat again because for that 5 pieces of fried duck heart, it costed me 7 dollars. Yes, the decoration was awesome like volcano, yes the harmony of spicy sauce and cushion-like meat of duck heart were mouthful but, if I paid 7 dollars for a dish, I would like some more.

This experience at the restaurant, not only the dish, was a memorable to me because I have never had the ingredient before. The rosemary ash had a kick of aroma and surprised me. In my opinion, because of this experience, I would be tasting the food more seriously, thinking what ingredient goes with what.


This Is It.


My name is Seongkyun Yoo or to make it simple, please call me Ted.

My culinary life began as I’ve been living alone in Canada about seven years from now. Growing under both parents working hard everyday until late night, I had to cook dinner for myself. At first, cooking was another boring homework for me, however my cooking skills improved day by day and when I found out that I loved to cook, dream to become a chef unveiled from my heart.

Currently, I am not working in industry but I have been working at Bento Sushi store for an year and at East Side Mario’s for an year before I came to Toronto to study at George Brown College.

When I cook for someone, I try my best to make a dish that person will satisfy and make a happy face after eating. My philosophy of cooking is to keep up the smile on my face. I know it will be hard to keep up later working in restaurants but it has been a boost for me while cooking until now and hope it will continue.

This blog started as an assignment but I hope this blog will help me building networks of chefs and culinary student all over world by sharing not only culinary recipes and tips but the life of hardworking chefs one day.

“Anybody can make you enjoy the first bite of a dish, but only a real chef can make you enjoy the last.” – Francois Minot

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